Can I take your design and do my own editing / graphic design work on it?

No way Jose! We provide you with a high res PDF in the good faith that you will only use it for what you have paid for it. If you take our design / illustration / artwork and use it for your own personal purposes, you are ripping us off and breaching copyright. We have kept prices affordable to try and prevent people from doing this. We have been burnt by this in the past and it makes us really sad. If you ask us if you can, we’ll probably be a bit cranky about it. We know you wouldn’t expect to not be paid for work you have done, and we feel the same.

Can I customise a design from your collection?

You can customise your invitation package by mixing and matching one of our background artworks with your chosen text, font and layout. If you are wanting to customise one of the illustrations, the answer is: not really, but sometimes. Some of our artworks are able to have their colour or fonts changed, at a small fee. Contact us to find out whether what you have in mind is possible. If you’re after something specific, you’re better off getting a beautiful custom artwork commissioned for you.

Can you organise all the printing for us?

Of course we can! We work with the most beautiful boutique printer to take the hassle out of the printing process for you. We select fine stocks and manage the whole process for you, finishing with delivery to your door. You are welcome to pop in and see us to see the quality of printing / paper and we can send you home with some samples to marvel over.

Can I organise all the printing myself?

Sure thing, go for it. We are happy to provide you with a high res PDF with 3mm bleed and crop marks, just the way your printer likes it.

How does the bespoke process work?

You contact us with your idea for your package, or get us to make some suggestions (you can either come in for a chat or we can do it all over email). Give us about a week to get you a quote together, we’ll send you that for approval. To get the job rolling, we send you an invoice for 25% of the job, you pay it and send us your text for the invites etc. We then provide you with 2-3 artwork options with one (or a combination of the concepts) being chosen for further development. We send you a digital proof of the artwork. You have the opportunity to make one round of artwork changes and a couple of rounds of text changes for free, then when you’re happy, we send the file to our printer for a hard copy proof. Once that arrives to us we can either give it the OK for you, or we can post it out to you to peruse. Once you’re happy with it, you pay the rest, we give the go ahead to the printer then they send the whole job to print. That’s for part a – the invitations. Then we repeat for the “on the day products”….

How long does the process take?

Our collection is an instant PDF download (then allow about a week for printing and delivery)

Our bespoke process takes a little longer as we strive to make it perfect for you. Given that we are a super intimate team with super small people in our lives, we value giving you the time and resources you deserve. This means we allow up to 6 weeks for the creation of your artwork. Should you wish to fast track your job, we are happy to accommodate your request and have rush fees in place.

There are three timing options available 1) Great – can’t wait to see the artwork within 6 weeks 3) I’m in a bit of a hurry – I’d like to see artwork within 3 weeks (please add 15% to your bill) 2) It’s urgent – I need to see artwork within 7 working days (please add 25% to your total bill)

How much does it cost to get a bespoke artwork package made?

We have some standard package prices, but best to send us an email to hola@santiagosunbird.com and we can work out a cost for you, based on your specific requirements.

Can I post my invites on my blog / website / instagram?

Yes! We’d love to see our work out in the wild. Please make sure you credit us or hashtag us #santiagosunbird so people can find us!

Do you also do custom logos and artwork for things that aren’t wedding / party related?

Yes we do. We have done some beautiful work for logos / websites / shops / blogs and would love to work with you to create something special for your business. Just give us a shout at hola@santiagosunbird.com and we can work on it together.

Do you have terms and conditions?

Yes, here they are.